Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Tips for Seeing the Sights on a City Break

If you have never been on a city break before, you might feel a bit intimidated about how you are going to see everything. This is a common feeling for travellers but you shouldn't let that put you off travelling to a city.
You should face your feelings head on and do some research into the city. You could find out the addresses of all the tourist attractions and find out where they are in conjunction with your hotel. A lot of the attractions might be within walking distance if you are staying in the middle of the city.
After your research, you will come to know about the big cities. You can also ask your travel agent if they have any maps of the city, when you book the trip. They should have no problem looking for some information for you.
If you are reading this and you have no time left to do the research, because you leave in the morning, then don't worry too much. Most big hotels in cities have maps and tourist information, for you to use for free. So, just ask the receptionist when you get there.
If you have had plenty of time to do the research and you are still worried about fitting everything in and seeing the sights, then read on for some tips on how to get everything done.
1. Bus Tour - All major cities have bus tours and they have sales persons on the street, so it is easy to book them. You just pay the sales person and then be waiting at the nearest stop at the time that they allocate for you. On bus tours, you will see everything and you will get a bit of history as well. However, on bus tours, you are restricted for time. You might only have half an hour at each destination. That is not a lot of time to explore, so keep that in mind when deciding whether to book a bus tour or not.
2. Public Transport - The cheapest option for seeing the sites would be to use public transport. You could buy a weekly ticket on the trains and buses and then travel to the destinations yourself. You have to plan this out before hand, but you could spend as much time as you like at each tourist attraction. Just make sure that there is enough time for you to see everything. Also, remember that bus tours sometimes include the price of the ticketed attractions. So, if you use public transport, you will have the added cost of the tickets for the attractions. However, some of them are free, so you can take advantage of that.
3. Limo Service - If you want the best of both worlds, then you could hire a limo service for the tourist attractions. With limo tours, they will give you guided tours of the city and then pick you up and drop you off at all the tourist attractions. You will get the history of everything that you are seeing and you are on your own schedule. You just hire the limo for as long as you want it. You could even spread the tour over a few days so that you are not rushed. Furthermore, you don't have to wait for other people to get back to the car, so that you can move onto the next thing. You will be completely free. You can even spend more time at one attraction because you find it interesting, and less time at another.

Barging in France: The Best Destinations for Your Holiday

Barge holidays in France are a popular way to see some of the most beautiful and interesting regions of the country. France has many stunning regions to discover, but do yourself a favour and get off the roads and onto the canals and rivers to see the very best of it. Here are four regions that offer visitors an amazing way to see this country from its waterways.
Burgundy is famous throughout the world for its wine. You will find some of the best wines in the world here, spread out over 60,000 acres of vines. Travel through the heart of the vineyard country on a barge and stop off to enjoy a red or white, perhaps accompanied by one of the delicious cheeses of the region. Travel along the Burgundy Canal at a leisurely pace, and you will experience beautiful canals, picturesque medieval towns and tiny villages in the same day.
Loire Valley
Journey along the River Cher, in the Loire Valley, to discover one of the most beautiful regions of the country. This river has been used to carry people and cargo for centuries, since before the time of the Romans, and the so-called Valley of the Kings is a wonder to explore. The scenery is incredibly beautiful and you will pass through ancient villages and explore colourful markets as you stop off at various locations along the way.
The cheese and wine of the region is famous, and private tastings are a great way to experience them for yourself. With attractions including the Chateau de Chenonceau and the Villandry Gardens, there is plenty to keep you busy.
Bordeaux is another famous wine region that you can discover as you explore the Canal de Garonne. The beautiful natural scenery will keep you entertained for days, and with medieval towns and attractions like the Château de Duras, the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Saint Emilion and the medieval village of Vianne, you have plenty to see along the way on barge holidays in France in this region.
If you choose to go on barge holidays in France in Champagne, you will be visiting the most famous area in the world for sparkling wine - in case you didn't know! Discover the beauty of the River Marne and stop off in cities that are home to some of the most famous Champagne brands in the world - including Epernay, where Moet & Chandon is based. You may also want to stop off in Reims, another top destination, to see attractions such as its medieval cathedral.
Plan Your Barging Holiday Today
If you like the thought of barge holidays in France and visiting one of these beautiful areas, start planning your trip today. There is no better way to see the country and you will enjoy a wonderful experience no matter which area you choose to visit.

3 Stunning Sicilian Beaches to Visit

Every year, a plethora of local and international tourists plan their holidays to Sicily. From the more famous provinces of Palermo and Siracusa down to the old towns of Noto and Taormina, the island is brimming with culture and beauty. As the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea, it offers a sunny climate throughout the year that is ideal for summer getaways and beach holidays. For those who are planning the latter, there are hundreds of beaches to choose from, but of those, three are must-see - particularly because of the unique qualities and interesting story behind each.
Lungomare di Cefalù
The city of Cefalù, located in the province of Palermo, is one of the most famous tourist attractions on the island due to its many churches and historical sites. The ancient city has many preserved ruins, which continue to fascinate tourists from all over the world. But there is more to see than religious buildings and archaeological sites when going on holidays to Sicily, and to Cefalù in particular. Complementing its rich history evident in the buildings throughout the city, Cefalù also has the sprawling Lungomare Beach. It offers its visitors a magnificent view of the nearby historic buildings, the picturesque fishing village beyond and, most importantly, the most breath-taking sunsets. There are thousands of reasons to visit the wonderful town of Cefalù, but experiencing the beauty of its sandy beach adjacent to the historical sites is definitely on top of the list.
Spiaggia Marinello
Many people's idea of holidays to Sicily is heading to a secluded site, away from the hustle and bustle of the crowds and much closer to nature. Spiaggia Marinello, located in Oliveri in the province of Messina, offers exactly that. Apart from the tranquillity, the most defining feature of the beach is its long strip of fine sand that extends into a little peninsula, creating a surrounding pool of warm waters. Its location also offers a fantastic view of the neighbouring Aeolian Islands.
Spiaggia Vendicari
Noto is well known for being a cultural city, with many palaces, religious buildings and archaeological sites. It was also included in the UNESCO World Heritage Site list in 2002. But away from the striking tourist destinations most frequented by visitors on their holidays to Sicily is Spiaggia Vendicari, an uninhabited beach located in the Isle of Vendicari just outside Noto. The beach lies within the Vendicari Nature Reserve and is a secluded paradise set away from the more crowded beaches. Apart from its glorious fine sand and crystal clear waters, the beach also has hidden lagoons to explore. Spiaggia Vendicari is an ideal destination for those who want to experience more of the island's flora and fauna.